Orebic: The Sea Captain's Town

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Enjoy kilometers of hiking and biking routes through the vineyards

Orebic is a quaint city located on the beautiful peninsula of Pelješac. Its charm is captivating and the feeling that you have gone back in time is what draws visitors to this fabulous destination every summer.  From its renaissance architecture to its pebble beaches, Orebic stretches across the Adriatic coastline embracing the Pelješac channel. The views from the lookout point at the Franciscan Monastery capture the neighboring island of Korcula in the distance, and on a sunny summer day kite surfing enthusiasts in the sea and the old city of Orebic below. It is hard to believe that between the 17th and 19th century these calm waters were abundant with ships fighting for the Republic of Dubrovnik against enemies and pirates alike. 


Orebic: The Sea CaptainOrebic: The Sea Captain

Orebic gained its name as the sea captain's town as it was the most northern city of the Republic of Dubrovnik where numerous defense ships and freight ships passed through. Between the 16th and 17th century an influx of prosperous sea captains and their families moved here.  In the 19th century over 33 oversea ships docked in Orebic. Today the beautiful homes of the prominent sea captains provide unique accommodation for tourists and add to the aesthetic appeal of the promenade. The local Orebic Maritime Museum is a beautiful tribute to the nautical history of the town; located directly in the city center it is definitely worth a visit.

Numerous idyllic cafes and ice cream shops along with a number of traditional family-run restaurants dot the streets of the old square. Be sure to try the customary regional desserts such as fritule, kroštule or rožata and numerous shellfish specialties. The region is also well known for its wine producing history. Dingac and Postup are the two most renowned types of wines from Mali Plavac (a cross between Zinfandel and Dobricic grapes) in the Pelješac region. Oysters farmed in the neighboring city of Ston along with a fabulous glass of domestic red may be the simplest yet best meal around.


Orebic: The Sea CaptainOrebic: The Sea Captain

The plethora of offerings for such a small community is amazing and entices numerous tourists to re-visit every summer. The Orebicko ljeto/ Orebic Summer Program offers various entertainment options during the course of the summer. Traditional klapa groups (a cappella singing) are the highlight of the program. By day the infamous beaches of Viganj provide the best kite surfing and windsurfing conditions in all of . It is no wonder that thousands of windsurfing and kite surfing fanatics visit these beautiful pebble beaches for the annual wind/kite-surfing competition. The specific maestral winds (strong, dry, regional wind) provide the ideal settings for this type of recreation. Lovers of nature can also enjoy kilometers of hiking and biking routes through the vineyards and up the majestic mountain of Saint Ilija, 961 meters above sea level.

Orebic: The Sea CaptainOrebic: The Sea Captain

Although this part of the Dalmatian coast is bountiful with stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, Trstenica Beach in Orebic is unique because of its uncommon sandy shore. More secluded coves and nudist areas can also be found a little further down the kilometer long coastline. Water sports, cafes and restaurants offer a combination of activities and refreshment options.

Rainy days are a rarity and whether you choose to spend time basking in the sun, biking, wine-tasting, kite-surfing or scuba diving you will certainly not be short of options. The stunning sea-captain's town is the perfect place to uncover a world that still enjoys the simple things in life.  Orebic leaves an imprint on you; it’s a place you must see for yourself to understand.

Orebic: The Sea Captain