Weather Overview

While most people associate as a reputable summer destination, Fall, Winter and Spring are equally as beautiful and interesting times of the year to visit this spectacular country. The weather in Croatia is extremely pleasant with warm summers, mild winters and comfortable Spring and Fall climates.


People mostly visit Croatia between May and September when the hot Mediterranean sun warms up the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. While the waters along the coast are usually too chilly to enjoy swimming in May, you will definitely be able to enjoy the traditional charm and pristine culture of the Croatian people and their enchanting cities. The temperature throughout the country varies as the mountains of Velebit create a weather barrier between the Continental weather conditions on the north and Mediterranean conditions on the south.

June, July, August and September are perfect for all outdoor activities when the entire bustle relocates from the metropolis of Zagreb and inland Croatia to the Dalmatian, Istrian, and Dubrovnik coast and the surrounding idyllic islands. The atmosphere during the summer months is fabulous as the temperature rises continuously and you will hardly see a rain drop. Discovering secluded beach coves, scuba diving in the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea and island-hopping along the Dalmatian coast will make for memorable experiences.

Average Daily Temperatures Coastal & Inland In Celsius

September and the better part of October still welcome warm weather and therefore you can enjoy all the offerings of the spectacular coast and the glorious vistas of the natural untouched beauty of Croatia. The crowds will have diminished by this time of the year and peace and tranquillity will create the perfect destination for relaxation. Fruit such as figs and grapes will be abundant. By November it is usually too chilly for swimming and sun bathing but this period will attract numerous surfing and kiting enthusiasts. Winter months are the perfect time to explore the Croatian inland especially the capital city, Zagreb. This cosmopolitan city attracts numerous tourists due to its rich history and modern style of life. Croatia features several great Ski Resorts which will attract many snow lovers during the winter season.


Summer months include very dry, hot weather therefore you should pack lightweight, cotton clothing and beachwear. Make sure you do not forget to pack sun block as the sun during these months can be very strong. Pack clothing you can layer if you plan on visiting during the winter months. Warmer clothing and winter accessories, for inland areas will be needed. Spring and fall enjoy similar climates. Pack clothing that is appropriate for windy or rainy weather. However it is not unusual to be able to sunbathe during some of these months, therefore do not forget to bring your swimwear as well. Exploring Croatia in any season is a wondrous experience and the comfortable seasonal climate makes it this much more enjoyable. During whichever month you decide to visit Croatia do not forget your sunglasses as the coast has an average of 2600 hours of sunlight a year making it one of the warmest and most pleasant destinations in Europe.


The Dalmatian coast experiences very strong winds called Bura. These winds can reach such intense speeds that certain roads or motorways will even be closed for safety precautions. Ferry lines will cancel rides during strong bura periods as well. Bura winds are most common in February and March where they can last for weeks. During the summer months bura will only last for a few days maximum. The one perk of Bura is that after it has passed the skies are so clear that from lookout points you will be able to see for hundreds of kilometers in the distance.  

Almost all tourists come to Croatia to enjoy the beautiful beaches and bask in the sun for atleast one part of their trip. Our local advice to our eager tan-seeking tourists is that the sun is stronger than it seems. Locals whose skin is used to the strong sun rarely burn however tourists should wear sunscreen! Do you really want to look like a lobster in all your vacation photos?