Useful Tips

We have colloborated a list of useful information from important numbers and national holidays to travelling with pets and travel tips; For everything you need to know while visiting Croatia!

Travel Documents
A valid passport or identification card, recognized by international governments is needed while visiting Croatia. It is recommended that you carry valid proof of identification with you at all times.

Citizens of EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can enter the country without a visa. If you are visiting from another country check with your local embassy if a visa is needed. If planning to stay for more than 90 days travelers must apply for an extension or leave and re-enter the country.

Medical treatment is available free of charge to citizens of EU countries. All other travelers should check if a reciprocal health agreement exists with Croatia. If not they should ensure that they have purchased adequate health insurance. Pharmacies are marked with a green cross. One pharmacy in each city and town operates 24 hours. Private Medical Centers can also be found in Zagreb and other major cities.

Major City Hospitals

Medical Emergency Number is 94. General Emergency Number is 112.

Alcohol & Tobacco
Alcohol and Tobacco can only be sold to individuals over the age of 18. Smoking is prohibited in all public places with the exception of establishments that have the appropriate ventilation systems in place by law. Smoking on outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants is allowed. Most hotels have non-smoking and smoking rooms available. Some hotels have completely prohibited smoking in rooms.

Tipping & Etiquette
In recent years tipping in bars, coffee shops and restaurants has become commonplace. An average tip for a restaurant bill ranges from 10-15%. In smaller coffee shops and bars tipping is not expected however it is polite to leave coins received from change. It is the Croatian tradition to bring a small gift if invited to someone's house.

Gay Travel
Croatia is a gay and lesbian friendly country. Here is a list of gay friendly destinations including accommodations, beaches and nightlife.

Travelling with a Pet

Travelling with a pet is welcome in Croatia. Pets must have an international certificate of vaccination and proof of a recent veterinary examination showing that the pet is free of rabies. The most recent vaccination date must not be more than a year prior to the date of entry into Croatia. If travelling by plane a Fitness to Fly Certificate is required by most airlines

Croatia Post Offices

Looking to send a post card to your loved ones from beautiful Croatia? Post offices around Croatia.

Shopping in Croatia

Giant shopping centers, extravagant boutiques, local farmers markets, beachside souvenir shops and large piazzas fill the towns and cities of Croatia. For more information about shopping in Croatia. Ask for a tax refund while shopping and get money back! If you buy goods worth more than 740 kuna you are entitled to a PDV (VAT) tax return when leaving the country. Ask the sales person for a PDV-P form. Fill it out and have it stamped on the spot. On leaving Croatia the receipt will be verified by the Croatian Customs service. A PDV refund in Kunas can be obtained within six months. Buy your goods in shops with a "CROATIA TAX-FREE SHOPPING" label which can usually be found on the stores entrance. Using an international coupon, refund is possible in all countries that are members of the TAX-FREE international chain.

Expats in Croatia

In recent years the number of multi-national corporations opening up offices in Croatia has increased. With this, the number of expatriates moving to Croatia has also increased.  Expats in Croatia have created communities, blogs and useful information networks for those seeking advice.

Currency Exchange Rates

The Croatian currency is the kuna, HRK is the currency rate symbol. Accurate and up to date currency exchange rates are important to research before travelling, Splitska Banka will aid all travelers in cashing travelers cheques, exhanging money or any other banking needs they may have while visiting Croatia.