Located at the Northern part of Dalmatia, lies the fabulous city and region of Zadar. In recent years, Zadar has undergone a major transition with the addition of new hotels, tourist attractions and a partial city reconstruction. This facelift has resulted in a key economic upturn that has not only benefited Zadar but the economy of Croatia as a whole. Although tourism in Zadar is a historical tradition, the evolution of the city has increased the number of domestic and foreign tourists immensely.

Zadar is such a captivating place as it truly combines the old historical monuments and architecture with the new offerings of cafes, nightlife and restaurants. The two greatest additions are the magnificent Sea Organs and the Greetings to the Sun attractions. Located along the main harbor of the Zadar Riva, are 70 meters of concrete steps which descend into the dancing waves of the Adriatic Sea. With each movement of the luminous waters below, a different chord is played. The Adriatic Sea literally comes alive as the sounds of nature orchestrate beautiful, relaxing symphonies for the whole city to enjoy. The Greetings to the Sun attraction also functions in a similar manner, as the warm Mediterranean sun rays activate photo voltage solar modules displaying a magnificent light show with the rhythm of the waves. The combination of nature and technology truly bring us closer to the earth's elements as the most beautiful Zadar sunrises produce glorious light shows, illuminating the whole city skyline.         

The enchanted islands which make up the Zadar archipelago can be seen in the distance from the shores of Zadar. These diamonds in the rough have limitless secrets to uncover and is why they are visited by numerous travelers during the summer months. The island of Vir is connected to the mainland by bridge; its long sandy beaches stretch out for kilometers making it a great vacation destination for families. Uncover natural untouched beauty at its finest on the secluded Island of Molat. A two hour ferry boat ride away will bring you to a sheltered island so peaceful, in a setting of luscious forests and vegetation, it will rejuvenate the soul. Ugljan is one of the more inhabited islands of the Zadar archipelago. Its central location makes it convenient to visit other close by cities such as Sibenik, Krka and Murter via ferry. Daily excursions to Kornati National Park are also organized from Ugljan. Explore the largest island of the archipelago, Dugi Otok. The romantic bistros, breathtaking nature hiking paths and isolated beaches and bays are just some of the attractions you will want to acquaint yourself with.   

The alluring charm of the nearby villages and cities of the Zadar region are also popular tourist destinations. The city of Pag boasts numerous historical and cultural monuments and is well known for its scrumptious cheeses. The popular party beaches of Novalja are located along a delicate bay of the Northwest coast of Pag. The city is actually an island however is very accessible as it is connected to mainland by bridge. Scuba diving off the coasts of the nearby city of Nin by day will leave you speechless as historical ship wrecks and unique fish species were uncovered in these enigmatic waters. By night, indulge in the local gastronomic specialties in one of the many idyllic bistros along the shore. 28 kilometers away from Zadar is situated the small city of Biograd na Moru. This quaint destination includes a ferry port and is popular for its wide offering of nautical tourism.

The Zadar region is rich with culture, abundant with national parks and historical monuments, prosperous due to its stunning beaches and entertaining because of the locals that create a spirited atmosphere offering culinary specialties and amazing hospitality. Discovering Zadar will be an unforgettable journey.