Top 10 from our Facebook Fans

We gave our facebook fans the opportunity to share with us their most favourite places to visit in Croatia. After narrowing down the list we have created the Top 10 from our Facebook Fans, compiled of varying cities, islands, beaches and villages, across our beautiful . Take a look and feel free to contact us if you have any other suggestions.

Island of Rab - Supetarska Draga

The Island of Rab on the Northern coast of Croatia is well known for its beautiful beaches and idyllic natural settings. One of our fans brought to our attention the stunning beaches of Supetarska Draga. The sandy or pebble stone beaches stretch on for kilometers against the dancing Adriatic sea. Secluded beachcoves and private islets can be found all along this stretch making for the perfect relaxing beach day! 



This mesmerizing little village on the south tip of the Peljesac Peninsula, in the Dubrovnik Neretva county, is home to the best oysters and mussels in Croatia. Ston is currently on the tentative list as it deservingly awaits its recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. Close to 1000 meters of stone walls are built around the city dating back to the 14 th century which make for spectacular look out points and add to the romace of this enchanting village. With only 2500 inhabitants Ston is not the place to go if you are seeking luxury resorts however it is most definately the place to go if you are looking for good food, good people and stunning landscapes.

Island of Hvar

The Island of Hvar is definately one of the most fabulous destinations in Croatia, it is also listed in our Top 10 Croatia and Top 10 Beaches pages as well. However here it makes the list once again as a large number of our fans continue to rave about this spectacular island in southern Croatia. From beautiful luxury resorts and spas to world class restaurants and a fantastic party scene the island provides something for everyone. Its jet set crowds mixed in with the humble and hospitable locals makes for a unique combination that adds to the inviting atmosphere of Hvar. Beaches and historical landmarks also enrich the offerings of this spectacular destination.

Slatina Beach - Island of Olib

Hop on a ferry from Zadar and explore the interesting island of Olib. As the tourist offerings here are not as abundant as other hot spots in Dalmatia, Olib provides the perfect place for tranquil and relaxing holidays. Slatina is dotted by sandy and pebble stone beaches and coves, crystal clear adriatic sea with shallow waters. Olib is an ideal place to enjoy numerous water sports such as diving, snorkelling and even windsurfing or kitesurfing. If you are looking for a little more privacy and want to avoid the beach crowds this is the place to go!


The quaint town of Makarska is a very popular summer destination for tourists of all ages. This unique place made the list as one of the best summer atmosphere destinations of Croatia. With numerous summer festivals, concerts and plays taking place almost every night of the week, the entertainment options are limitless. For such a small city the amount of clubs, bars and cafes is truly outstanding. From house and hip hop music to croatian hits and turbo folk, there is something for everyone. Popular clubs such as Deep, Buba Beach Bar, Petar Pan and Grotta ensure a great party atmosphere well into the early moning hours. As if this wasn't enough the stunning beaches and water sports activities set the tone for an unforgettable active holiday!   


The breathtaking city of Opatija makes this list for so many reasons, from stunning architecture and well manicured squares to fantastic gastronomical offerings along with beautiful accommodations. The region's longstanding tradition of tourism truly makes it stand out from the rest of the tourist destinations in Croatia. The Lungomare promenade totaling a distance of 12 kilometers, completely closed off to traffic, allows tourists the oppurtinty to stroll carefree taking in the enchanting sites of the Adriatic Sea along with numerous attractions that can be found along the path such as St.Jacob's Church, Villa Angiolina, Lido beach, the city Port and many more.

Banje Beach - Dubrovnik

The soft white pebbled beach of Dubrovnik is not only beautiful because of the turqouise waters the pebbles reach into; The stunning view of the great walls of the old city of Dubrovnik truly make this an incredible place to visit. Bask in the sun by day, jump on a jet-ski, paddle around the walls or enjoy a great evening out at EastWest Beach Club Banje. Day or night, Banje Beach provides great entertainment amongst the mesmerizing surroundings of the jewel of the Adriatic.    


Varazdin, a city in Northern Croatia, 80 kilometers from Zagreb, makes our list as numerous fans have commented on the underestimated beauty of this idyllic place. The picturesque baroque architecture, the rolling green valleys and the beautifully manicured gardens make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. As if this wasn't enough the romantic, Castle of Varazdin, which lies on the northern edge of the city is a stunning masterpiece of Renaissance/Gothic architecture dating back to the 14th century. Today this building is home to the city museum and showcases over 30 000 artifacts.


Split is voted one of the best cities to visit in Croatia and with its interesting history, great shopping, beautiful architecture, numerous restaurants, clubs and cafes, it truly is the city that has everything. Loacted in the heart of Dalmatia, the old part of the city, Diocletian's Palace is recognized as a world heritage site. Home to Wimbeldon winner Goran Ivanisevic and popstar Severina, the city is booming with things to do and people to see. Popular beach, Bacvice, is an ideal palce in the city center to enjoy some beach time and watch a local game of picigin. Clubs and discos are abundant and are especially wild in the hot summer months when an unforgettable vibe and party scene errupt.   


Kozica is a small village in southern Dalmatia, 80 kilometers from Split and 30 kilometers from Makarska, dotted with vineyards, cherry orchards, olive groves and numerous old stone houses. The population has dwindled dramatically over the decades as most inhabitants moved to neighbouring cities such as Vrgorac or Makarksa. Inherited family homes which have been past down to younger generations are still upkept and visited by the weekenders. There are no restauarants, clubs or cafes in Kozica however if you are looking for an authentic Croatian excusrion take part in an olive picking adventure with a local family. Enjoy nature at its best under the shade of numerous olive trees and finish the day with a traditional Croatian "peka" lunch.