Peljesac is the second largest peninsula in Croatia situated in southern Dalmatia as part of the Dubrovnik Neretva County. This stunning "polu-otok", half-island, as it is referred to in Croatian, is connected to the mainland of Croatia by the charming town of Ston. The Peljesac Channel separates Peljesac from the island of Korcula to the south-west. The beautiful town of Orebic popularly know as the sea captain's town is the idyllic village on the southern side of the peninsula. Boasting historical and architectural beauties along with one of the most popular kite/wind surfing beaches in Croatia, Orebic is a true gem. Trpanj located about 27 kilometers from Orebic on the inner side of the peninsula connects Peljesac to the mainland via ferry boat to Ploce. 

The Peljesac region is well known for its vineyards, olive grooves, production of salt and oyser farms. Agriculture is a way of life for the people of this area and the fruits of their labor produce some of the most fabulous wines, olive oils and seafood/shellfish specialties within Croatia. The rolling hills of this enormous peninsula not only provide some of the most stunning panoramic views it also offers beautiful beaches and quite simply nature at its best. The Peljesac region is not one where you will find flashy hotels and trendy nightclubs however it is a place where tradition is sacred, where nature is respected and where hospitality is held in the highest regard.  

HIstorical and architectural masterpieces are of abundance on Peljesac. The Great Walls of Ston and Mali Ston are perhaps the most significant as they once protected the prominent salt producing region of Ragusa, today stand tall and proud as the 2nd largest defense wall system in the world, with the Great Walls of China being first. The homes of noble sea captains who built their homes in Orebić in the 18th and 19th centuries provide the perfect backdrop for the stunning architecture of this town. The 15th century Franciscan Monastery perched above Orebić, along with the maritime museum in the city center are just a few of the cultural spots one can enjoy.

The region of Pelješac is one of Croatia's greatest gems; Family vineyards, fabulous authentic Croatian restaurants, beautiful beaches, charming old stone cities and spectacular views await you!