Fast Facts Croatia1


Population: 4, 486, 881
Official Language: Croatian
Official Name: Republic of Croatia
Capital City: Zagreb
Location: Southeastern Europe
Religion: Roman Catholic (88%)
Independence: Declared independence on June 21, 1991
Government: Democratic Parliamentary Republic
Current President: Ivo Josipovic
Current Premier: Jadranka Kosor
Member of: United Nations, NATO, WTO, Council of Europe, & CEFTA
Status: Emerging and developing economy (as classified by the IMF)
European Union Candidate: As of 2004
Expected European Union State: End of 2012
Borders: Slovenia (N), Hungary (NE), Bosnia and Hercegovina (SE), Serbia (E), Montenegro (SE)
Latitudes:  42 and 47 degrees North
Longitudes: 130 and 20 degrees East
Coastline: 5, 835 km, Adriatic Sea
Total Area: 56, 542 sq km
Number of Islands: 1185, 65 inhabited
Climate: Inland Croatia - Temperate Continental climate, Coastal Croatia and islands - Mediterranean climate