Croatian Language


The official language of Croatia is Croatian. The language is comprised of numerous dialects, the main ones being, Shtokovian, Kalkavian and Chakavian. Croatian is categorized as a southern version of the Slavonic languages. The Croatian alphabet consists of 30 letters, using Latin alphabet symbols. The Croatian language contains many words from German and Latin origin.

Croatian Language Practical Phrases and Words:

Good day Dobar dan
Goodbye Dovidjenja
Yes Da
No Ne
Please Molim
Thank you Hvala
Excuse me Pardon
Sorry Oprostite
I  don't understand Ja ne razumijem
What's your name? Kako ti je ime?
How much is it? Koliko kosta?
What time does the -- leave/arrive? U koliko sati -- polazi/dolazi?
Boat Brod
Bus Autobus
Train Vlak
Tram Tramvaj
Where is..? Gdje je..?
Bank Banka
My hotel Moj hotel
Post office Posta
Beach Plaza
Church Crkva
1 jedan
2 dva
3 tri
4 cetiri
5 pet
6 šest
7 sedam
8 osam
9 devet
10 deset

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